For Kosher Certification Agencies

Your reputation relies on making sure everyone involved in making Kosher food under your certification is up-to-date and consistent on your standards. So, how can you ensure compliance?

With KosherWise®, Kosher certification agencies offer or require their clients to complete proven online training, customized for your certification standards. Ensure compliance with a single click.

kosher checklist

Maintain YOUR agency's Kosher standards

Provide your clients with custom training on your agency’s certification standards, online databases, and tools.

Ensure training for every employee

Training is available in both English and Spanish. Need another language? We can do that too!

Integrate with your current systems

Connect the KosherWise® training platform with your agency’s online tools.

Track progress and propel compliance

Record client training compliance with on-demand, online reporting whenever you need it, without having to ask.

Save time, ensure quality, and instill trust with KosherWise®.

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